Content Marketing Course
Content Marketing Course

Content Marketing Course


Become Your Organization's Content Wizard

Marketing professionals are faced with ever-changing technologies and how to utilize them effectively to drive top-down revenue growth. Moving to a content publishing model of marketing is imperative for today's creative teams. The Content Marketing Bootcamp focuses on helping you develop the core competencies and skills you need to effectively build and execute content marketing in a modern sales and marketing environment. Register any time and take up to 3 months to complete the course.

Who this course is for:

Marketing professionals, social media coordinators, writers, and entrepreneurs looking to add Content Marketing as a skillset to help expand their audience and business.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Ten core competencies fundamental to brand publishing and their interrelationship with internal and external forces, and their impact to teams within organizations.
  2. How to organize and support the decision-making process required for executing brand publishing campaigns.
  3. Improve company content, organization, and effectiveness to capitalize on business opportunities in a diverse and global market.
  4. How to be strategic about content to improve organization and effectiveness.
  5. Evaluate and solve content management problems, such as content ideation, creation, and establishing channels.
  6. Analyze key marketing trends, technologies, ethical/social responsibilities, customer behavior, and how they all interact.

What you’ll do:

Content Marketing Bootcamp is an intensive, immersive experience that includes activities based on Forbes’ Publish or Perish research:

  • Designing a personal press release
  • Creating a research-based PowerPoint presentation on your company or similar company
  • Using Twitter, blogs, Scoop.It, and other resources
  • Completing a content strategy statement
  • Structuring and tagging content
  • Writing long-form articles
  • Making a distribution plan
  • Looking at content metrics
  • Examining brand storytelling
  • Understanding market trends


Please note that Bootcamps are not available for continuing education credits and completion does not constitute certification. The offerings will not be available in every state.

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Ashford Refund Policy for Dropping a Bootcamp

  • There are no refunds after registering and paying for the course

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