Personal Financial Management
Personal Financial Management

Personal Financial Management


Take control of your financial destiny.


The evolving financial climate has resulted in unprecedented demographic, technological, and regulatory changes over the last decade. It is imperative to adapt to the new economic paradigm to effectively manage and grow personal assets. Personal Financial Management Bootcamp, a non-credit offering, provides curated resources and tools to help you develop foundational competencies and gain the skills to effectively implement financial savvy in your life. Register any time and take up to 3 months to complete the course.

Who this course is for:

Regardless of career and economic stage, professionals looking to add financial skills and development into their everyday can benefit from the Bootcamp.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Enhance your financial literacy.
  2. Understand the core competencies of personal financial management.
  3. Manage cash flow and budgets.
  4. Grow assets.
  5. Make smart investments.

What you’ll do:

The Bootcamp is an in-depth, self-paced two weeks of procuring and utilizing strong financial understanding, including immersive activities to:

  • Set and attain SMART financial goals
  • Recognize changes in the market
  • Build balance sheets and other financial documents
  • Understand core competencies, such as cash flow management and responsible debt
  • Grasp the various types of investment
  • Plan to establish equity and prepare for asset growth


Please note that Bootcamps are not available for continuing education credits and completion does not constitute certification. The offerings will not be available in every state.

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Ashford Refund Policy for Dropping a Bootcamp

  • There are no refunds after registering and paying for the course

Any issues or concerns regarding a refund request, please contact:

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